Roof & Exterior

"Roof and Exterior Coatings for Aussie Conditions"

Alphaglaze Exterior Coatings

AlphaGlaze membranes are made in locally on the Gold Coast, Australia and are 100% acrylic, low VOC.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards that ensure longevity and unrivaled performance in all conditions.

Alphaglaze products utilise advanced technology and polymer science. Our waterproof coatings will withstand the elements of weathering and are suitable for use in locations with harsh climatic changes.

Formulated by a team of experts in the coatings industry, Alphaglaze is fast becoming a leader in the manufacture of specialty acrylic exterior coatings. We have an extensive range of colours available and Alphaglaze systems come with a warranty.

Our Range of Exterior Coatings

Alphaglaze Roof & Exterior Coatings are premium, state of the art Membranes formulated to the harsh Australian Climate. Whether you’re looking for Black, White, Grey, or any Colour of the Spectrum. AlphaGlaze has you covered


Alphaclear is manufactured using a high surface tension (TG) 100% acrylic emulsion. It’s used as 4th and final top coat to the roof and forms part of our 4-coat system with 15-year product warranty.

Alpha UV

Alpha UV Heat Reflective

Alpha UV Thermal Heat Reflective is manufactured using a 100% pure acrylic emulsion with a high surface tension (TG) Available in High Gloss and Mid Lustre.



AlphaPoint is ready to use. There’s no need for messy tinting or mixing, and because it is water-based, clean up is simple.



Alphaseal has been designed as a part of the Alphaglaze Roof Membrane System to seal and prime surfaces and enhance the adhesion of the membrane top coats. Correct application ensures maximum coverage of the membrane coating.


Alphaflex 3000

Alphaflex roof membrane is manufactured using a 100% acrylic emulsion with a higher than normal surface tension (TG).



Alphagloss roof membrane is manufactured using a 100% acrylic emulsion with a higher than normal surface tension (TG).